API Perio Hand Scaler Set of 8, API Dental Hand Scaler Set

Stainless Steel, API Perio Hand Scalers Kit – Set Of 8 ( 1235/2-3, 5-6, 137, 152, 15/30, 204-s, Williams, Cow Horn ). Corrosion resistance. Light weighted. Easy to use. Superior finish Superior performance Sturdy design. Use to remove sub gingival calculus. The supragingival scaler has a triangular blade in cross section, with cutting capability at all three points of the triangle. It is used for removing supragingival calculus only. It requires a modified pen grip. This instrument must be kept sharp. Packaging :- Set of 8
Manufacturer: API

API Perio Hand Scaler Double Ended Set Of 8
1 x Towener Jacket Scaler #15/30
1 x Intradental Scaler #1235/2-3
1 x Surface Scaler #1235/5-6
1 x Cummine Scaler #152
1 x Posterior Jacket Scaler #204\’S
1 x Scaler Cow Horn D/E
1 x Small Sickle Scaler #137
1 x William\’s Probe.