Appledental Micro Motor Straight Handpiece

Appledental Straight Hand Piece With Improved Quality S.S. GEAR SHAFT (SH-Model) CE Certified
Manufacturer: Appledental


Apple Dental High Torque High Speed High Quality Push Button 3.0 LED Handpiece PUSH BUTTON Type :- Stylish Good Quality Cartridge
Low Noise,Low Vibration With 3 – water spray Hole. With Six Months Warranty. SMD LED Technology Never ever off-light Can bear 135 degree sterilization
Handpiece can be autoclaved for more than 1200 times LED Gaurantee>1000 hours
Triple water spray Speed> 35000 rpm Integral handpiece head Japansese bearing with dust cover
Push Button TYPE. Bur Size : 1.59 mm – 1.60 mm. Air Pressure :0.18-0.21MPa. Speed : 350000-400000rpm




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