Chromadent U.V. Chamber, 12 Trays

Chromadent U.V. Chamber, 12 Trays
Manufacturer: Chromadent

Chromadent U.V. Chamber, 12 Trays


U.V. Chamber with 12 Trays :

Ultra Voilet Cabinet is a compact ultravoilet storage cabinet with its unique features and maximum storage capacity.It is a cabinet that has effective UV sterlization ability to maintain & preserve instrument without any fear of contamination of microorganisims once they are Sterlized or Autoclaved.

Features :

  • Chamber Dimension : A-12 Trays-300 X190 x510 mm.

  • Power Consumption: 8 and 16 watts UV Tubes.

  • Power Supply : 220V  50Hz.

  • It is fabricated in rust - proof, heavy gauge MS sheet with fine Epoxy powder coated finish.

  • It accomadates 12 &15 stainless steel specially designed die pressed trays.

  • The UV Germicidal tube is mounted on reflector on the door.

  • Magnetic gasket seals the chamber and door switch interlocks immediately cut out the uv source when the door is opened, preventing accidental uv exposure.