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Combo of Fibersite Mini Kit (...

Fibersite post are post with prefabricated core. Saves a lot of ChairSide time and compos...
₹6272 ₹5712

Euronda Kit Monoart® 100%

Euronda Kit Monoart® 100%

Evodent Super Torque LED Push ...

Evodent Super Torque LED Push Button Handpiece
₹6000 ₹4000

Appledental Contra Angle Handp...

Appledental Contra Angle Handpiece + Straight Handpiece
₹5000 ₹2900

Combo Smart VPS Kit

Smart Putty(280 ml) * 2 Smart Light(50 ml *2) Smart Heavy (50 ml *2)

Pyrax Polymars Product Kit (Pa...

Pyrax Polymars Product Kit (Package 1)
₹8400 ₹3000