Computer Controlled Integral Dental Chair Unit: Imported

Package Contents: 1 Unit
Delivery date: 1 week
Manufacturer: Chromadent

Model No. : ST-3604:

Memories:Five Programme(Zero, Gargle & 3 Memories)
High Speed Air-Turbine Connections-2 pcs.
Low Speed Air-Motor Connection
3-Way Syringe for cold & Hot-2 pcs.
Tissue Box, Small Tray & Cup Holder
Water Purified System with Double Bottle
Powerful Suction & Saliva Ejector
Automatic Cup Filler
Seamless Ceramic OR Glass Cuspidor
Patient Chair with Chain-React Function
Balance Arm Breack
Swival Handpiece Holder
D.C.X-Ray Film Viewer
Operating Light: Sensor & Manual-Both Dental Stool.