Pyrax - Alginate Impression Material : Accurex 30

ALGINATE IMPRESSION MATERIAL : : A ACCUREX 30 - Impressions - Pouch - 451 gms
Manufacturer: Pyrax Polymars

Product Detail

Alginate Impression Material is a natural seaweed based powder with new dust free formulation. It is suitable for molding complete items, soft or delicate objects or the human body.  Alginate powder is Regular Set, Dust Free with Spearmint Aroma.

Extremely good water-powder affinity
Dust free and lead free
Highly elastic with excellent elastic memory
Easier and quicker to mix without bubbles or inconsistencies
Pleasant mint taste with no excessive salivation, which is liked by patients or users
Idea thixotropic properties so it easily under light pressure without causing gagging
Excellent adhesion to hydro-colloid materials

Impressions for restorations like inlay, crowns, bridges, dentures, and orthodontic applications
Study models and general impression taking techniques used in dentistry as well as other
Opposing dentition
Also used for baby hand impressions and in other molding techniques

Food grade sodium alginate, calcium sulfate , sodium fluoride, Fillers, Flavor Color & excipients


1 x 451gm gms Aluminum vacuum sealed pouch

Shelf Life

2 years from the date of Manufacturing.

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