Dabi Atlante Croma Techno 200

Package Contents: 1 Unit Dental Chair
Delivery date: 1 week
Manufacturer: Dabi Atlante

Cast-iron base with unilateral Articulation.
Big & Comfortable backrest.
Bi-articulated headrest.
B-SAFE seamless, anatomical, high density & anti-flame upholstery.
Electronic movements with Safety device
Backrest with a Lumbar comfort.
3 Programmable Work Positions
Zero-position & Gargle position.
Fuse Elevation system (Without oil).
B-SAFE LD Reflex light with activation by the footswitch (4 intensities)
TECHNO (Under hanging) Air Delivery Unit with Pneumatic arm lock.
Electronic touch pad control on the delivery unit.
B-SAFE three-way syringe.
02 B-SAFE Borden terminals for High-speed Handpiece (Air-Rotor).
01 B-SAFE Borden terminal for low speed handpiece (Air Motor/ Micromotor).
Anti-retraction valves.
Built-in B-SAFE hoses.
X-ray Viewer.
Control box integrated in the base of the chair.
Handpiece cradle made from the autoclavable B-SAFE silicone.
Dual- articulation tray with B-SAFE handle.
BAP block made from high grade metal (tin).
Vertical & Horizontal arm movements.
Multifunctional single foot control.
TECHNO 200 cuspidor which is movable.
Cuspidor basin can be detached from the unit body.
Assistant flex arm attached to the cuspidor.
Assistant touch pad control panel.
01 B-SAFE Air Venturi with B-SAFE fast-coupling hoses.
Automatic aspirator activation
Litter/ Debris separator in the control box.
Removable bowl with B-SAFE Technology
Internal structure made of steel with epoxy painting
Concealed drainage system.
Ergorelax Basico Stool