Dabi Atlante Croma Techno 200 UP

Package Contents: 1 Unit Dental Chair
Delivery date: 1 week
Manufacturer: Dabi Atlante


Cast-iron base with single Central Articulation.
Bi-articulated headrest.
B-SAFE seamless,anatomical,high density & anti-flame upholstery.
Electronic movements with Safety device
Backrest with a Lumbar comfort.
Zero-position & 3 Programmable Work Positions
Fuse Elevation system( Without oil).
B-SAFE LD Reflex light with activation by the footswitch (4 intensities)
TECHNO (Under hanging) Air Delivery Unit with Pneumatic arm lock.
Electronic touch pad control on the delivery unit.
B-SAFE  three-way syringe.
01 B-SAFE  borden terminal for High-speed Handpiece(Air-Rotor).
01 B-SAFE borden terminal for low speed handpiece (Air Motor/ Micromotor).
Anti-retraction valves.
Built-in B-SAFE hoses.
X-ray Viewer.
Handpiece cradle made from the autoclavable B-SAFE silicone.
Dual- articulation tray with B-SAFE handle.
BAP block made from high grade metal(tin).
Vertical & Horizontal arm movements.
Multifunctional single foot control.
TECHNO 200 cuspidor which is movable.
Cuspidor basin can be detached from the unit body.
Assistant touch pad control panel.
01 B-SAFE Air Venturi with B-SAFE fast-coupling hoses.
Automatic aspirator activation
Litter/ Debris separator in the control box
Removable bowl with B-SAFE Technology.
Internal structure made of steel with epoxy painting
Concealed drainage system
Ergorelaxo premium Stool