Dash(In - Office Teeth Whitening)

(1) 2.9g of 30% hydrogen peroxide whitning get syringe with 2 flocked tips (4 dual arch applications) + (1) 2.9g Liquidam barrier syringe with 2 tips (3 dual arch application) + (1) 2.4mL Relief ACP oral arch applications) + (2) chhek retractor & bite block + (1) suction tip + (1) Face bib + (2) cotton rolls + (1) Pack of Gauze + (1) Dentist's Direction For use.
Delivery date: 1 week
Manufacturer: PHILIPS / ZOOM

Introducing Dash, an easy to use, in-office whitening system that does not require the use of light. Dash is the newest addition to the Discus portfolio of in-office whitening products. Offering easy-to-use power and speed, Dash delivers visibly whiter teeth in about 1 hour. The unique 30% hydrogen peroxide formula delivers superior ease of use and stability without any syringe-to syringe mixing or refrigeration. . Dash is affordably priced and delivers great results for patients seeking an affordable in-office whitening alternative.

Dash has several features and benefits allowing for easy administration. These include: