Pyrax - Glass Ionomer Cement Type I

Shelf life : 36 months 5 GMS POWDER + 10 ML LIQUID Mixing Pads Spatula
Delivery date: 1 week
Manufacturer: Pyrax Polymars

Our Dental Cements is widely used in dental assignments for setting crowns, bridges, and inlays. Extremely accurate fit Cement offers good isolation and great mechanical strength in the mouth. Please feel free to contact us for ordering Cement in bulk amounts at the most affordable prices.


  • Fixation of crowns bridges, inlays and orthodontic brackets.
  • Cavity lining under all restorative materials.
  • Very low film thickness./ High compressive strength
  • Radio-opaque and offers strong adhesion to enamel and dentine
  • Shelf life : 36 months
  • Packing : Powder 15gm / liquid :10 ml/Mixing Pad/Mixing Spoon/Mixing Spatula