Emb Resin Cement Refill

Packing:3.5 gm
Delivery date: 1 week
Manufacturer: Pulpdent

Embrace WetBond Resin Cement
Dual Cure ٠ Fluoride Releasing ٠ Radiopaque
All-Surface, One-Step Cementation
Self-Adhesive ٠ Moisture Tolerant ٠ Self-Etching to Dentin
No bonding agents required
For cementation of PFM, gold, CEREC and reinforced ceramics for crown and bridge; gold, metal and fiber posts; and for inlays
Advanced formula for greater strength
Fewer steps · Faster, easier and better than ever before
Unique Embrace technology bonds to the moist tooth
Margin-free, tooth integrating, eliminates microleakage.
Low film thickness: 12 microns.
Self-etching to dentin.
Self-adhesive: no primers, no silane, no bonding agents required.
Color stable when cured.