GC Tooth Mousse Plus 40gm (Combo of 3pcs)

GC Tooth Mousse Plus 40gm (combo of 3pc)
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Manufacturer: GC

GC TOOTH MOUSSE PLUS Tooth Mousse Plus is an award winning topical treatment that helps prevent dental decay and reverse the damage decay causes to teeth. It is recommended for use in adults who are in need of powerful remineralisation and decay prevention. Developed and commercialised by scientists in the Oral Health CRC, Tooth Mousse Plus was launched onto the market in 2006 and is now sold in over 50 countries. Tooth Mousse Plus is a water-based creme containing Recaldent™ with incorporated fluoride. The level of fluoride is 0.2% (900ppm), similar to the level in adult-strength toothpastes. It comes in strawberry, mint and vanilla flavours. Tooth Mousse Plus is distributed globally by GC Corporation Japan, a research participant in the Oral Health CRC. In Japan, Europe and the USA, Tooth Mousse is known as MI Paste Plus. How does it work? Tooth Mousse Plus is the world's first product to improve the effectiveness of topically-applied fluoride by combining it with Recaldent™. During the decay process, calcium phosphate is lost from teeth. Fluoride has long been recognised for its effectiveness at preventing tooth decay, however as a topical treatment, the potential oral health benefits have been limited by the difficulties in delivering it in a way that allows it to be absorbed into the tooth, rather than remaining on the tooth's surface. Combining fluoride with the Recaldent™ complex increases the amount of fluoride that is bio-available to teeth. When using Tooth Mousse Plus, fluoride ions are surrounded by peptides in the Recaldent™ nanocomplex, holding them in place in the solution so the fluoride can be delivered where and when the tooth needs it. In situ studies have shown that Tooth Mousse Plus penetrates more deeply and remineralises teeth to a greater extent than either fluoride-only preparations or Recaldent™ only preparations.

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