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GC Elite 100 (Powder 35gm+Liqu...

Elite 100 Brand: GC DENTAL Product Code: 0020054 Availability: In Stock Product Spec...
₹840 ₹795

GC Freegenol

It is a patented, non-eugenol temporary cement. Contents. 1 Base 55g. 1 Catalyst 20g...
₹2390 ₹2283

GC Fuji 7

GC Fuji VII is the revolutionary glass ionomer sealant and surface protectant.
₹3495 ₹3373

GC Fuji Cem Refill Catridge

Glass Inomer Luting Cement in Catridge form Contents. 1 Catridge 13.3g.Glass Inomer Lu...
₹4050 ₹3650

Gc Fuji II LC- Mini Pack

5g Powder, 3g(2.6mL) Liquid.
₹1550 ₹1425

Gc Fuji II- Mini Pack

10g Powder, 7g (5.6mL) Liquid.
₹1550 ₹1425

GC G Coat Plus

GC G-Coat Plus is the first (single dispersion nano filled protective coating for glass io...
₹4000 ₹3850

GC Revotek LC Intro Set

1- Revotek 16g, 1 - Storage case, 1- Plastic Spatula No. 2

GC Softliner (Powder + liquid)

Tissue Conditioner Acrylic temporary relining material (3-4 weeks) for partial and full d...
₹4700 ₹4525

GC Tempron (powder + Liquid)

GC Tempron (powder + Liquid)
₹4400 ₹4238

GC Tooth Mousse 40gm

GC Tooth Mousse 40gm
₹1400 ₹800

GC Tooth Mousse Plus 40gm

GC Tooth Mousse Plus 40gm
₹1400 ₹800