Herculie Precis Assorted Kit

Delivery date: 1 week
Manufacturer: Kerr

Kerr has ushered in a new era in resin restorative dentistry with the announcement of Herculite® Précis. The Herculite brand, recognized across the globe, has expanded into the world of nanohybrid composites. Employing the latest in nanoparticle technology, this universal composite features optimal handling and high polishability, lifelike esthetics, great wear resistance, and increased radiopacity - everything a clinician needs. The resin matrix and Vita® shade matching inherent in other Herculite brands are retained in Herculite Précis. Excellent material translucency allows chameleon-like restorations to be artfully achieved from a single shade, offering a simplified 15-shade system that is ideal for the general practitioner. 

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