Impression material

Impression material

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3M Chromatic Alginate

3M Chromatic Alginate
₹350 ₹330

3M Express VPS Light Body

2 cartridges Light Body Regular Set-50 ml each; 20 VPS Mixing Tips, yellow
₹2720 ₹2310

3M Express XT Light Body

Express XT light body Designed for both the 1-step and 2-step impression techniques, ne...
₹2970 ₹2525


Express™ XT VPS Impression Materials – first-class impressions on the first take Designe...
₹4750 ₹3975

3M Soft Putty

Packet contains: 1 Base Paste (300ml), 1 Catalyst Paste (300ml), 2 Scoops (One Orange Base...
₹3550 ₹3015

3M Soft Putty + Express Light ...

Packet contains: PUTTY: 1 Base Paste (300ml), 1 Catalyst Paste (300ml), 2 Scoops (One Oran...
₹6270 ₹5335