Meta MD Temp

Hydraulic Temporary Restorative Contents. 40g. PasteHydraulic Temporary Restorative Contents. 40g. Paste
Manufacturer: Meta Biomed

Hydraulic Temporary Restorative Advantages: Easy application and removal Hermetically seals the cavity - Excellent stability when set - Proper crush strength Components: 40g White or Pink paste in a jar :Zine Oxide, Zinc Sulfate, PVA-PVC Box size : 38 × 41 × 39(㎜ ) Weight : 55g Directions: 1. Dry the prepared cavity. 2. Transfer the amounts of MD-Temp required to the cavity by using a suitable instrument. 3. Let the patient bite down on the filling to check for interferences in case of class 1 cavities. Otherwise, be sure to adapt the filling info the cavity walls by contouring it. 4. Remove excess by wiping it off with a moist cotton towards the margins of the cavity. 5. As complete setting takes place after an hour, instruct the patient to avoid pressure or abrasion until such time. Shelf Life: Two years from the production date.