Polodent Stainless Steel Oral Surgery Kit Set of 10-Pcs

1 x Iris Straight Scissor 1 x Iris Curved Scissor 1 x Mayo Heger Needle Holder Straight 1 x Chrile Artery Forcep 1 x Bone Rounger 1 x Moon’s Probe 1 x Molt 7A Periostal Elevator 1 x B.P Handle 1 x Bone File 1 x Bone Currette
Manufacturer: Polodent
  • 100% Rust Free Autoclavable Stainless Steel Instrument
  • Maximum Resistance to Wear Corrosion.
  • Easy in Grasp, Grip and Clean as The Handle With Hollow Pattern & Light Weight.
  • Perfect balance of the Instruments and reduced risk of slipping.