Waldent Digital Glass Bead Sterilizer

Digital Glass Bead Sterilizer + Free 1 Bottle of Glass Beads


  • Portable size.
  • Rapid warm up facility.
  • High efficiency and highly accurate temperature.
  • Digital micro controlled based
  • ready to use signal with buzzer
  • Auto sleep mode
  • Latest technology
  • Low power consumption
  • Time saving
  • Shock proof
  • Automatically controlled to maintain desired temperature.
  • Handy and convenient application.
  • For increasing number of applications in endodontics (dental), ophthalmic, ENT and surgical applications.
  • Competitive and affordable prices.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • Quick, easy, clean alternative to conventional methods of sterilization, ensure total sterilization by destruction of all micro-organisms in seconds. Ready to use in 60 seconds from cold start. The glass bead sterilizer sets itself of an operating temperature of 250° C. The unit is compact and can be placed on any work tables in a clean room atmosphere. Fully insulated, designed for heavy-duty operational schedules.


WALDENT Digital Glass Bead Sterilizer is known for its durable and sturdy construction. Manufactured using quality raw materials and modern machinery, this product is highly demanded among dental/ healthcare community. This product is used in hospitals, clinics, and several other establishments for the purpose of sterilizing various dental instruments, files, surgical instruments etc. The unit is incorporated with a digital temperature indicator which continuously display the temperature being maintained in the glass beads.


The product has 4 working modes for sterilization of different items: 

MODE 1: Mouth Mirrors

MODE 2: Dental Burs

MODE 3: Endodontic Files

MODE 4: Dental Instruments 



 Dimesnion (mm)

 200 x 151 x 136

 Well Size (mm)

 59 x 58



 Temperature Controller

 Digital Temp. indicator   with Micro Controller   based PID controller

 Temperature Range

 220 - 240 V :: 50 Hz 

 Weight incl Glass   Beads

 2.1 Kg

 Input Power

 Latex Free



  • 1 X Digital Glass Bead Sterilizer
  • 1 X Glass Beads Packet
  • 1 X Instructions Manual 




1. Fill the well with the glass beads from the bottle. Using a funnel when pouring the beads will help prevent them from spilling into the sterilizer housing

2. Plug the sterilizer into an acceptable electrical outlet and turn the sterilizer power switch on. As the unit is switched on, you can check both the current temperature and the cut-off temperature

3. Current temperature will be increasing till it doesn't reach the cut-off temperature

4. When current temperature reaches to cut-off temperature, displays shows a message "Ready to use" with a buzzer sound

5. Now you can select the operation from menu using the keyboard


Plug the sterilizer into an acceptable electrical outlet and turn the sterilizer power switch on. Allow approximately 20 minutes to heat up. The glass beads will reach a temperature of approximately 250°C. The unit is controlled by a thermostat, which continuously cycles the heater on and off producing a uniform heat.


- it is recommended that glass beads to be replaced atleast once in 3 months. 
- Clean glass bead atleast once every 2 weeks
- Remove glass beads once the unit is completely cool. 
- Wash the beads with mild soap, rinse and dry thoroughly before reuse. 

Note: All units are supplied with one bottle of glass beads