Waldent Intra Oral Camera - Wifi Type

Intra Oral Camera - Split Type. 4 x Zoom 8 Megapixel. CMOS 1/4 Image Sensor. 6 High-Intensity LED Light. Auto Focus.


  • 4 x Zoom 8 Mega Pixel Image Sensor.
  • CMOS Sensor.
  • 6 High-Intensity Day Light LEDs.
  • Super-wide automatically adjusting-focus lens.
  • Display: 1 Screen/ 4 Screens.
  • 32 GB Storage Capacity.
  • WiFi Transmission Available.
  • Handpiece holder with automatic power-off function.



Waldent intraoral Camera having Wi-Fi Camera with 16 screen displays.
The product is designed to allow clinicians to display and capture digital images from inside a patient’s mouth.Waldent Intraoral camera is a valuable tool for patient education and case documentation. 

INDICATION : Ideally Used for Diagnosis & Treatment Planning.


  • Handpiece holder with automatic power-off function.
  • The ergonomically designed an intraoral camera.
  • Automatic focusing and maximum field coverage.
  • The button of the intra-oral camera is feather touch & very smooth in use.
  • Bright colors.
  • High resolution.
  • Easy to observe.
  • Reduce inspection time.
  • High Definition large screen.
  • Good Picture storage.
  • Easy Operation.
  • Reduce inspection time.
  • High Definition large screen.
  • Good Picture storage.
  • Easy Operation.
  • Multi-picture screen.
  • High-Speed Image Processing Technology.
  • Highly Integrated Design with Handle.
  • High Definition Video and Photography Function.


  • Patients are more comfortable asking questions and are able to understand the treatment process, options or about oral hygiene in a more clear way.
  • Early detection of oral problems like a gingival disease or Dental caries as it has powerful magnification.

  • A dentist can easily compare the changes in the patient's oral health and hygiene or how a multi-phase treatment is progressing also can show it to the patient.

  • It builds up the trust and Good relation between Dentist and the patient.
  • It gives a real-world picture of patient Dental hygiene.
  • For Future Case Documentation.
  • Enhances Doctor’s Credibility.

  • Better for Insurance Claims.



  • Image sensor: CMOS 1/4.
  • Focus range: 5mm- 50mm Auto Focus.
  • Storage capacity: Up to 32GB.
  • Picture Format: JPG.
  • Output: Video, USB, VGA, WiFi.
  • Gross Weight: 1.02 Kg
  • Wifi transmission: Yes.



  • 1 x Intra Oral System – Wifi Type.
  • 1 x VGA Camera.
  • 1 x Intra Camera Unit.
  • 1 x Remote Control.
  • 1 x USB Pen Drive.
  • 1 x WiFi Transmitter.
  • 1 x Remote Control.
  • 1 x DC Adapter (12V).
  • 1 x DC Cable.