Waldent Mini Surgical Set Box (K19/11)

Dental implant surgery instrument kit


  • Maximum corrosion resistance .
  • Longer drill span .
  • Easily attachable and detachable . 
  • Unique design and sharpness for minimal invasiveness and increased apex implant stability.
  • Increased accuracy for drilling in proximity to vital structures .



Waldent Drill Mini Surgical Set Box will allow you to perform a broad range of treatment procedures of implant placement cases. With the recommended drilling protocol integrated, using the instruments and drills included will always bring you the best possible results. The kit is light, compact, and easy to carry.

Waldent Drill Mini Surgical Set Box contains all the instruments that you will be needed during the standard surgical procedure. These instruments are ergonomically designed, organized by their layouts and clearly labeled for easy return to the tray. Drills are arranged from left to right from top to bottom with the perfect drilling protocol in mind to give you a more intuitive feel and ensure the best-case results. Waldent  Surgical Set Box is a must-have in every dentist and implantologist office.



  • Extander
  • Lance Drill
  • Hex Driver : 1.25mm, 2.42mm
  • Motor Mount : 1.25mm, 2.42mm
  • Parallel Pin : Short and Long
  • Drill : Ø2.0mm, Ø2.8mm,Ø3.2mm,Ø3.65mm,Ø5.2mm.
  • Torque Ratchet.



  • 1 x Extander 
  • 1 x Lance Drill
  • 2 x Hex Drivers
  • 2 x Motor Mounts 
  • 2 x Parallel Pins
  • 5 x Drills
  • 1 x Torque Ratchet

How do you clean an implant drill?
A.Rinse, disinfect, and clean drills thoroughly with water! Sterilization by wet heat autoclaving 134°C (273° F) should take 20 minutes. Make sure that the elements inside the autoclave, are not rusted. Never store instruments while they are still moist or wet.