Woodpecker Portable X-ray Device

AI-RAY X-RAY Portable X -Ray Device

Woodpecker Ai-Ray X-Ray is first portable X-Ray device from Woodpecker. With Emission power up to 210 w and shorter exposure time, Dentist can take accurate and quick photography of different tooth positions. 0.4mm focus X-Ray tube provides high quality and clearer image for various diagnostic needs.

Equipped with 15000 MAH Lithium battery delivers a long term endurance. Dentist can take 1500 dental films in one full charge.

Ai-Ray comes with 2.5 inch capacitive touch screen, enabling clear and concise display abandoning traditional button system. Constant DC high frequency output ensures unaffected battery output. Unique internal design and Lead shield minimizes X-Ray leakage and maximizes safety.

Corresponding Photographic angle reference values provided for different tooth positions.


Woodpecker Ai-Ray X-Ray is compatible with Woodpecker RVG i-sensor

 Woodpeckers First portable Xray Device

√ Reasonably designed Exposure Switch

√ Angle Correction for different tooth Positions.

√ Unique Internal design for Maximum Safety.

√ 80 W Superfast charging.

√ 2.8 inch captative touch screen.

√ High capacity battery for longer endurance.

√ 0.4mm focus Xray tube.