Ultimate Dental Clinic Practice Management Software

a flexible solution for your dental clinic

Go paperless !!

  • Improved communication between doctors, staff, lab and patients thus maximizing the efficiency of the clinic
  • Makes clinical notes and documentation legible, and reduces clinical errors
  • Easy analysis of your data with dental billing software
  • Easy access of the data with dental office management software
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Book appointment in less than 5 seconds !!

  • Manage appointments of your patients in different user friendly views with patients waiting time analysis.
  • Doctor wise appointment slots with colour code.
  • Automatic reminder for appointments
  • Option to book appointment online
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Strong patient communication

  • Routine Checkup Reminders quarterly, half yearly, annually or custom defined interval.
  • Automatic Appointment Reminder to Patient at custom defined regular intervals.
  • Communication with multiple patients simultaneously through messages and mails
  • Birthday greetngs to the patients
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Security.Peace of mind.

  • Download your data anytime
  • Data Secured on microsoft azure server
  • Secured your clinic data to be accessed from fixed location
  • Two step authentication Security

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Optimize the Administration of Your Dental Clinic with Dentee Clinic Management Software

If you are looking for a better way to manage your dental practice, then you should consider using Dentee clinic management software. This software is suitable for dental offices because it offers a wide range of benefits. It is designed for multiple or single users in network environments. Our software is comprehensive, innovative and fully integrated. It is the best dental software in the market and it can optimize the administration of your dental practice.

Dentee will assist you to enhance the online visibility of your dental clinic. It will also assist you to attract more patients, manage the patients and purchase your dental materials through an advanced platform that is specifically made for dentists. A team of skilled engineers developed this dental patient management software under the guidance of reputable business specialists.

The combination of dental practitioners and top engineers has enabled us to create a high quality product that offers a high utility value for all dentists. Our software helps improve communication between dentists, their staff and patients. This helps improve the efficiency of a clinic. With our dental clinic management software, you can also improve the legibility of clinical notes and documents, reducing clinical mistakes in the process. You will also be able to analyze your data easily with dental billing software. Furthermore, you will be able to access your data easily.

This dental software for dentists also makes it easier to book appointments. You can book appointments within a few seconds when using this software. The software will also remind you about appointments automatically. It also makes it easy for patients to book appointments online.

The Dentee clinic management software also enhances communication with patients. It reminds patients about their appointment automatically at regular intervals that are custom defined. The software makes it easier for dentists to communicate with several patients at the same time through email and messages. It can also send birthday greetings to your patients. When using our dental practice management software, you will also enjoy peace of mind. Your data will be secure on the Microsoft azure server. You can download your data at any particular time. You also have the option to use a two step authentication security feature to prevent unauthorized access of your data.

Our software will also enable you to create a professional online profile and manage it easily. With such a profile, you can reach millions of people who are searching for a dentist in your area. Our software also simplifies inventory management. You will be able to create an inventory of your stocks of supplies and consumables. This will help you to minimize wastage. Our software for dental clinic also makes it easier to manage the records of a dental practice. You can use it to create invoices, record bank deposits and maintain petty cash among other accounting functions. Our software is also useful for reporting analytics. You can use it to generate and record reports as well as keep tabs on how your dental clinic is performing.

At Dentee, we also offer a dental mobile app. The Dentee app is a mobile app for dentists that addresses all the services that dentists need. This includes dentist education, online dental clinic visibility, dental ecommerce and management software for dental clinics.

We also offer dental charting software at Dentee. This software will enable you to create chart presentations effectively. Our charting software is easy to use. It will enable you to create different restorations in teeth quickly. With our charting software, you can also make several treatment plans and arrange them in any order. Dentee offers the most efficient dental software in India.