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Dentists in Kukaguda, Secunderabad

Dr Nikhil Singhvi dentist

MDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Max Super Speciality Dental Clinic, 1st floor, Sri Ram ...

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Every patient as well as every dentist is entirely different. Stick to recommendations of trusted people who will sincerely talk about their experience when it comes to style, behavior, professionalism or approach to patient of the dentist. Consider the qualifications of the dentist by reaching straight to the person itself. Ask for their accreditation, the way they perform common procedures and even the limits their knowledge grasps. Also, verify any payment particularity and even the way the office handles insurance matters. The checking of the State Board can be very useful to gather background information about the possible dentist choices. Other external aspects to consider are the location of the office, the time and effort this travel would implicate and if there are better and closer options around your neighborhood.


The overall recommendation and solution for keeping the mouth clean is to brush your teeth. The best way to do it is by brushing them at an angle of 45 degrees for a better in-depth cleansing. But it is important not to forget about the tongue, as it is a big muscle filled with bacteria. A simple bush from front to back and side to side will do the job. With your thumbs and forefingers, utilize floss in a daily basis. 18 inches of floss is more than enough to ensure enough grip and handle for cleaning the hardest parts of the mouth. To keep your teeth healthy, not every step is done after eating. What you consume during the day can impact your teeth health, so avoiding large amounts of sugar, coffee or alcohol will surely deteriorate your them during time. To enhance flossing and brushing, a proper mouthwash can be incredibly useful when It comes to eliminating bacteria. Chemicals like chlorine dioxide make the mouthwash a crucial help for teeth health.


The apparition of the unaesthetic yellow teeth is caused by excessive smoking or coffee drinking and a bad nutrition filled with sweets, colorants, etcetera. The overall solution for this issue is the whitening procedure almost every dentist office counts with, plus the obviously solution of cutting those bad habits.


As other fields of health care, the mouth requires constant revisions and check-ups with specialized professionals. Religiously going to the dentist will ensure a boost in satisfaction and quality of life for the patient, who will enjoy food and social interaction with confidence and happiness.

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Top reviews of dentists in secunderabad

Dr. D. Mahesh Kumar dentist


Dr. D. Mahesh Kumar

Awesome treatment

13 May 2022 12:04 PM
Dr. P.Uma Sundari dentist


Dr. P.Uma Sundari

Great service! Would highly recommend!!

Meghna Varsha
17 Dec 2021 07:26 AM
Dr. Ashwin D Bhogte dentist


Dr. Ashwin D Bhogte

I had a good experience and they are good doctors

03 Feb 2020 03:23 PM
Dr. Shefali dentist


Dr. Shefali

I definitely would recommend Dr Amrita and Dr Shefali of Spectrum Dental Centre for all dental procedures....

28 Apr 2022 03:33 PM
Dr. Vamsi Reddy dentist


Dr. Vamsi Reddy


Master RITIK K
12 Apr 2021 04:10 PM
Sudeep upadhyay dentist


Dr. Sudeep upadhyay

Excellent treatment and treating the patients with lot of care and patience. Guiding the patients properl....

Mrs. Kavitha
19 Jan 2022 05:01 PM
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