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Endo - Concept 10th Batch All of Endodontics basic 2 Adbanced

Jul 13 2018


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3 Days





ENDO-CONCEPT 10th Skill Enhancement Program under CDE initiative in JULY 2018 (13th, 14th & 15th ) at Bengaluru..

LAST DATE FOR REGISTRATION : 18th JUNE 2018 (Register to block ur seat)

The program highlights are as follows :

1. Maximum 10 participants for customised interaction 
2. Access to all modern Endodontic instruments 
3. Take home Endo Kit
4. Printed Synopsis to guide you post course
5. Feel the world of Magnification and predictive Endodontic treatment
6. Working under Microscope across all the 3 days and performing all procedures begining from Access to Obturation all under Microscope 
7. Working just under magnification and with Microscope is not enough...learn the comfort of Ergonomic use of Microscope and magnification 
8. Topics at a glance: Access. Canal location. Finding Extra Canals. Negotiation. SLA. Glide Path. Apical Gauging. Apical Preparation. Various Cleaning & Shaping Techniques. Irrigation protocol. Managing Calcified, Curved and Canals with Open Apex. Isolation Protocol, Rubber Dam & Pre Endo Buildup. Managing Ledges, Perforation & Blockade. Management of Broken Instrument Bypassing and Retrieval. Retreatment. Post Endodontic Restoration. Endodontic Instrument Design and Influence on Technique. Case Difficulty Assessment. Endodontic Diagnosis. Endodontic Emergencies and Flare ups. Post and Core. Bleaching. And More....

Its your faith, trust and love that keep us moving and strive to deliver even better. Our Motto is not to make Endo simply easy without the fundamental idea of the science but is to confront you with the many UNSEEN MIND CHURNING FACTS that would motivate you to improve and attain excellence. You would always find us by your side guiding you as when you need it.