Appledental k030 Endo Moter With Buit-in Apex Locator

Appledental k030 Endo Moter With Buit-in Apex Locator
Manufacturer: Appledental

Appledental Smart EndoPro with in-built apex locator

• With built-In Apex Locator.
• 360° Adjustable Contra-Angle.
• Original Japanese Motor.
• Convenient Wireless charging.
• 1500mAh Lithium Battery.
• Built-in over 15 mainstream file system.
• The other features of movement include continuous forward rotation, continuous reverse rotation, reciprocation and torque reversal.
• Automatic Stop.

• 1 x The Host
• 1 x Charging Base
• 1 x Contra Angle (16:1)
• 1 x Power Adapter
• Instruction Manual

• Manufacturer/Importer Warranty of 1 Year as applicable for this product.
• Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product


Appledental Smart Endo Pro 3 in 1 is a Very comfortable Cordless Original Japanese motor endo motor with brilliant and smart optimization with a 360-degree Adjustable Contra angle with customizable Reciprocating Angle with a built-in Apex Locator.

• Cordless Endomotor used primarily for mechanical root canal preparation with an integrated apex locator for endodontic treatment.
• While root canal treatment is done, the root canal measurement can be simultaneously carried out.
• Alternatively, the independent apex locator measurement is possible, using the separate file clamp for measuring file.
• Flawless Safety Functions:
• The autoreverse and auto-forward modes with automatic safety stop minimize the risk of file breakage.
• Ergonomic Design:
• EndoPro has an ergonomic design which makes it fit for the dentist’s use.
• Slim body:
• The slim body and extremely small head allow optimal visibility during procedures.
• Hygiene and maintenance:
• The contra-angle head is sterilizable and Thermo disinfectable.
• Handpiece drive and charging station can be disinfected through wiping down, can be cleaned with a soft cloth with ethanol.
• Cordless system.
• Eliminating the presence of a wire connecting the handpiece to the control unit.
• Comfort for the dentist.
• Reciprocating System.
• The endo motor reduces the load on the rotary file.
• This facilitates easier operation while working on multiple quadrants of the oral cavity.
• It provides real-time visibility of the position of the tip of the file in the canal.
• Soft start and soft stop.
• The operation is more comfortable.

Technical Specifications:

Gear ratio: 16:1
File Retention: Push Button
Speed: 120-800rpm
Maximum Torque: 3.9
Battery 3.7V
Power DC 5V
Present Program 9types
Working Mode 4 modes
Weight 160gm